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Startup Weekend Fianarantsoa

The organizers and partners of Startup Weekend Madagascar want to change the situation. After Antananarivo and Mahajanga, it is now the turn of Fianarantsoa Province to host the Startup Weekend. This will take place in the premises of the University of Fianarantsoa itself.

« Challenge yourself by bringing innovation to Fianarantsoa »! This is the slogan of the organizers for this first edition. Startup Weekend Fianarantsoa took place from Friday 25 May to Sunday 27 May 2018 in e-Atiala Andrainjato. A first edition in the Province, which was dedicated in particular to the promotion of budding entrepreneurs in the city of Fianarantsoa.

The Organizing Team

For this year, the themes will be more open, according to the information. From IT to the environment, agriculture, livestock and ICT, all types of projects will be welcome at Startup Weekend Fianarantsoa. For Startup Weekend Madagascar, the aim is to give a chance to all types of projects and to allow innovation in all fields.

A short video of the 3 days we spent together

More details

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Startup Weekend Mahajanga

We dit it!

It wasn’t easy but we finally did it. One of my most anticipated event for our team as we prepared it for a very long time.

Mariot et Tino
The participants, the staff and the coaches

The event

We were coaches for the 3 days event in Mahajanga; our talk was about Ethics in Data Collection. All the participants were divided in 11 teams which had their own startup projects. As coach, we helped them by giving advises according our respective expertise area.

The talk

We had the chance to visit each one of the teams during our coaching. But we had a surprise! We expected a classic talk to every team at the same time but instead, we had to talk to the teams one after another. Also, since it’s not a lecture, we had to adapt our talk for each team according to their project and questions. It was a new experience for us but very fulfilling as well.

Christino coaching  participants

We had way more participants than we expected and they were more receptive than we thought! It was great and it was very fun for. We also had the pleasure to learn a lot from the other coaches and the participants.
Participants also showed interest in our community and asked many questions about our mission and objectives. Some signed up to join but less that we predicted.

In conclusion, it was a great event for us and we are planning to do another one in Fianarantsoa as well.

Les coaches
The coaches after the event